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Ashram reopens despite liquidation.

Barely a week after the official organisation Shiva Yoga Inc. went into voluntary liquidation, a senior leader of the group announced on social media that the Shiva Ashram would reopen and begin offering programs to the public again, causing confusion and anger among the many ex-members still grappling to come to terms with recent events there.

Predictably, the remaining members have vowed to continue despite the liquidation process and have set up several Facebook Pages in recent weeks and also sent letters to a local newspaper suggesting that the Shiva Ashram and its leaders are the victims of a conspiracy organised by “a few disgruntled people with an agenda to close the Ashram.”

In response, we would like to invite readers to review the article posted by The Age newspaper, dated March 18, 2015, and in particular to note the number of alleged primary and secondary victims mentioned by Helen Last, chief executive of In Good Faith and Associates:

Alleged victims of Shiva School were previously sexually assaulted

Many ex-members of the Shiva Ashram that we have spoken to believe that they suffered emotional and psychological trauma as a result of their involvement with this group and are now receiving regular counselling with CASA and other services, including a special support service offered by Integrative Psychology in Melbourne specifically for people trying to leave the  Shiva Yoga group.