Long serving ex-devotee speaks out


A long serving devotee of Swami Shankarananda Saraswati (a.k.a Russel Kruckman) of the Sri Nityananda Ashram in Mount Eliza recently decided to leave the community and share her story on her blog:


As usual the ashram’s policy and that of the few remaining hardcore devotees is to vilify and threaten the victim:

“They stick by him and deny he has done anything wrong even though they have heard many stories like mine .. “I don’t believe he abuses women and that’s an allegation you should be very careful about making” said one of the other women high in his circle after I told her my story .

Having spoken to many people who have left, it appears to be a common theme that one of the most difficult things to come to terms with is this complete dismissal and lack of concern for the impact of the abuse demonstrated by the people who choose to stay.

We are glad that this woman eventually found her way out of the Sri Nityananda Ashram in Mount Eliza and commend her bravery for speaking out.

The legal case is still ongoing.

UPDATE: At the time of this writing the link posted above is no longer working. It is currently unclear if this is due to a technical issue, or whether she was pressured to take it down, or simply decided that she prefered to remain anonymous.

We warmly invite the person to contact this website at any time if she wishes to discuss the matter further or anything else relating to leaving the Sri Nityananda Ashram.