During a large impromptu email debate yesterday in response to Shiva Yoga’s offer of mediation, the general consensus emerged that mediation was putting the cart before the horse. Some important points were raised, in particular:

1) None of the facts are actually known yet, to name a few:

  • How many women were involved, and what exactly has taken place?
  • How long has this been going on?
  • What were the so-called tantric practices and how were women initiated into them?
  • What were the criteria for entry into these practices, and how were the women asked to participate?
  • Who else at the ashram knew that these practices were taking place?
  • Have any Australian laws been broken?

2) Mediation is seen as seeking resolution between two equal parties, whereas the relationship between the guru and the disciple is not at all an equal relationship (the furthest from), so the potential abuse of power here is not addressed.

3) If there is a conflict of interest between the ashram boards Duty of Care towards the women and the guru’s wishes, how do they manage this? How can the individual board members be trusted not to view this as a unique opportunity to demonstrate their surrender and devotion to the Guru?

Any real investigation into these questions will begin to show the “tantric practices” claim for what it is, as we state here.

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