Ashram letter dropping in Mornington

We recently had a flurry of emails from people complaining that the Shiva Ashram has been doing letter drops around the Mornington area (re-branded as The Sri Nityananda Ashram, or apparently now just “The Ashram”) . If anybody has one of these flyers please take a photo of it and email it to this website. They seem to have registered yet another new URL that redirects to the main website:

As a cult dies, it will naturally become more aggressive in it’s marketing efforts as well as it’s attempts to obfuscate its murky history by constant name changes and re-branding of this type.

We noticed a very large spike of new visitors to this website which could possibly relate to the recent letter drop as people do their own research into this abusive group.

The legal case against the ashram is still in progress.